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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Unboxing June-July 2014 Salad box: Missha exclusive

Happy Sunday everyone! Hoorayyyyy! to another unboxing post! :)

I receive this box last Friday and this is my fourth box from Salad box. I subscribed at them last April since they have a promo 2000php for 6 months subscription and I have a 200 OFF voucher from them so I get the 6 months subscription for 1800php only and when you divide it by 6, its only 300php for each box. Good deal right? :)

June-July 2014 Box
This is their June-July 2014 box. I don't know where to put my excitement when I found out that this is a Missha exclusive box. I love Korean cosmetics! Ive tried a lot of Korean make ups from different Korean brand but I haven't tried any Missha cosmetics, maybe because theres only a few store that carry this brand. That's why Im really glad that finally Ill be able to try this brand. Last months Saladbox theme was referred to as "Korean Beauty". According to their box's curation card " We envied the beauty of the women we see on famous Koreanovelas (Hell yeah, specially Jun Ji Hyun) and on ads of lots of Korean beauty bramds here in the country so much that most of us wish to have the same clear skin and awesome make up".

and now the most awaited and most exciting part, lets now take a look at the contents of this box.

35ml, 799php
The Style Makeup Base
This makeup primer helps maintain your makeup's silky soft finish throughout the day.
Im not usually using a makeup primer but I will give it a try. 

The Style Lucid Berry Lip Gloss
This jelly textured lip gloss has a sweet fruity scent and adds extra shine to your lips.
I already tried and swatched this lip gloss awhile ago. The berry scent is very addicting to the point the I want to taste it haha. The texture is too thick that makes it hard to blend with the lipstick and it is to glittery.

Syn-ake Cotton Sheet Mask
Infused with the anti-wrinkle 'syn-ake peptide', fight aging with this cult favorite!

Full size 1500php
Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Treatment
It is a skin awakening booster, it firms skin foundation and promotes glowing skin. Im so excited to try this and see if its really effective tho Ill not be able to see the desired result since the sample size is too tiny. But its okay the yellow dwarfy container is too cute. :)

Full size 1700php
Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Essential Moisturizer
Moisturize and treat your face with this fragrant moisturizer to get silky smooth skin. This moisturizer has a slightly lemon scent and it is quickly absorbs by the skin. I tried it last night and same with the snail skin treatment they only provided a super tiny sample size so Ill not be able to see the desired result. 

Full size 850php
Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
This cleanser removes impurities with its Sweet Flag and Willow Bank Extracts. This is just a bonus item.

Full size 1800php
L'eau de Missha Eau de Parfum in Stay Beside Me
This light and flirty fragrance will make him beg you to "stay beside him" all day long. A bonus item also.


Honestly this is the best box I received from them.There are 3 full size and 4 sample size poducts in this box. And considering for a 300 php subscription box I can say that it is really worth it, the box value is 1519php almost 5 times the subscription fee. Each of the product included in this box are all good and it is from  a well known Korean brand. Compared to the previous box (May box) this box is much better. Im just hoping that they will continue this kind of service. :)

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