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Monday, August 4, 2014

Glamourbox July 2014: Beauties and Babies

If theres one thing I really loved about Glamourbox, is they ship order as early as possible. I checked out my box last Friday and it came in the mail today. So here we go, another unboxing post!

The theme for last month box is Beauties and Babies. Actually, I don't have a plan to avail this box due to its theme. I am not a Mommy and not expecting to be a Mommy, tho Motherhood is such an exciting moment in any woman's life, but I don't have a plan as of now. I'm too young to become a Mommy and don't have money to support my future baby, hehe. So let me find a work first. No. Let me find a good-rich-responsible-husband-to-be so I dont need to work. KIDDDDING! :) So why did I avail this box? Simply because it is a Glamourbox and I superb love Glamourbox plus I have a niece and nephews they can use some of the items inside and I have an uber sensitive skin and I guess some of the items inside can be beneficial for me.

All right, let's stop the idle chatter and cut to the chase. There are lots of Mustela products in this box, and again, I'm not familiar with this product but it reminds me of Cethapil. Tho Im an avid fan of Cetaphil but Im not closing my door to the other products and will surely give it a try. and here are the Mustela products in this box:

From left to right:

1. Mustela 9 Months Comfort Nursing Balm (Full size 30ml/690PHP) 

It soothes tightness and irritations that come with breastfeeding. With shea butter, glycerin and sea salt. This balm protect and repairs nipple skin. It is a very promising product but I find it useless for me.

2. Mustela bebe Physiobebe Cleansing Fluid (Full size 300ml/690PHP)

A no-rinse cleanser gently dissolve dirt while softening the skin with avocado perseose and aloe vera. This product is perfect for those lazy nights when I dont want to wash my face. :)

3. Mustela 9 Months Stretch Marks Double Action (Full size 250ml/1990PHP)

It increase the skin's resistance against stretch-marks. It preserves the skin and improves its suppleness and elasticity. This is an excellent product, since theres no exception with stretch-marks whether your pregnant or not everyone is prone to stretchmark (Thats what I believe). And I believe that prevention is better than cure. :)

4. Mustela bebe Vitamin Barrier Cream (Full size 100ml/490PHP)

This one is for diaper rash. It prevents the first signs of rashes early on.
I will just give it to my nephews.

Lets now proceed with the Sebamed line, I received Sebamed in their previous box and it is a good product. Here they are:

1. Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath (Full size 200ml/425PHP)

With the right concentration it will surely protect your baby's skin. It has a 5.5 pH just the right concentration for babies skin. This smell's so divine!

2. Sebamed Baby Children's Shampoo (Full size 150ml/425)

Same with the bubble bath it has a 5.5pH so your young one's scalp are in good hands with this shampoo. I'm not excited with this one since I have a newly permed hair.

and here are the other products that are included in this box:

Bio-oil (Full size 60ml/425PHP)
I heard a lot of raves with this scars, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and stretch marks remover. It is a multi-purpose oil infused with breakthrough ingredient PurCellin oil it is easily absorbed by the skin, to help repair and heal skin woes.

Eden's Paradise Whitening Blue Salve (Full Size 40g/495PHP)
Target darker areas of your skin with this micro-skin peeling salve with natural-oils. One of my favorites in this box everyone knows I'm obsessed in skin whitening products tho none of them are effective.

Natasha Beauty Heel Mate (Full size 25g/195PHP)
Heel mate is made with coconut oil, shea butter and olive fruit oil to keep skin in tip-top shape. I don't have a cracked-heel problem so Ill give this to my father he is a foot spa addict lol.

Milea Baby Sniffles Balm and Sleep Balm (Full size 50g/350PHP and 16.5g/150PHP)
Sniffles balm for your baby's cough and cold, and sleep balm for those night when you cant stop the chatter and the baby flutter. Sleep balm is my favorite since its always been my dream to hit the bed as early as possible. :)

Lil Tots Baby Wipes ( Full size 60pcs/65PHP)
To wipe away dirt and germs that could harm your precious little ones. This one is very useful and practical since it is an everyday essential.


I realized that having a baby is not a joke all the products above are too pricey when you purchased them in full size, although you have a lot of options in the market, but I'm sure that all moms out there wants the best product for their babies. :) As with the box value it is only 890php I exclude the sample size product in the computation. The subscription fee is 595PHP, maybe you guys are thinking that this box is not sulit. Actually  for me it is not sulit but it is worth it specially if you have a baby you can use all the products, and even if you don't have a baby all the products are good and usable except the Mustela nursing cream, but beside that, all of them are good for everyday use. Thats all, ciao! :) 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Unboxing June-July 2014 Salad box: Missha exclusive

Happy Sunday everyone! Hoorayyyyy! to another unboxing post! :)

I receive this box last Friday and this is my fourth box from Salad box. I subscribed at them last April since they have a promo 2000php for 6 months subscription and I have a 200 OFF voucher from them so I get the 6 months subscription for 1800php only and when you divide it by 6, its only 300php for each box. Good deal right? :)

June-July 2014 Box
This is their June-July 2014 box. I don't know where to put my excitement when I found out that this is a Missha exclusive box. I love Korean cosmetics! Ive tried a lot of Korean make ups from different Korean brand but I haven't tried any Missha cosmetics, maybe because theres only a few store that carry this brand. That's why Im really glad that finally Ill be able to try this brand. Last months Saladbox theme was referred to as "Korean Beauty". According to their box's curation card " We envied the beauty of the women we see on famous Koreanovelas (Hell yeah, specially Jun Ji Hyun) and on ads of lots of Korean beauty bramds here in the country so much that most of us wish to have the same clear skin and awesome make up".

and now the most awaited and most exciting part, lets now take a look at the contents of this box.

35ml, 799php
The Style Makeup Base
This makeup primer helps maintain your makeup's silky soft finish throughout the day.
Im not usually using a makeup primer but I will give it a try. 

The Style Lucid Berry Lip Gloss
This jelly textured lip gloss has a sweet fruity scent and adds extra shine to your lips.
I already tried and swatched this lip gloss awhile ago. The berry scent is very addicting to the point the I want to taste it haha. The texture is too thick that makes it hard to blend with the lipstick and it is to glittery.

Syn-ake Cotton Sheet Mask
Infused with the anti-wrinkle 'syn-ake peptide', fight aging with this cult favorite!

Full size 1500php
Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Treatment
It is a skin awakening booster, it firms skin foundation and promotes glowing skin. Im so excited to try this and see if its really effective tho Ill not be able to see the desired result since the sample size is too tiny. But its okay the yellow dwarfy container is too cute. :)

Full size 1700php
Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Essential Moisturizer
Moisturize and treat your face with this fragrant moisturizer to get silky smooth skin. This moisturizer has a slightly lemon scent and it is quickly absorbs by the skin. I tried it last night and same with the snail skin treatment they only provided a super tiny sample size so Ill not be able to see the desired result. 

Full size 850php
Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
This cleanser removes impurities with its Sweet Flag and Willow Bank Extracts. This is just a bonus item.

Full size 1800php
L'eau de Missha Eau de Parfum in Stay Beside Me
This light and flirty fragrance will make him beg you to "stay beside him" all day long. A bonus item also.


Honestly this is the best box I received from them.There are 3 full size and 4 sample size poducts in this box. And considering for a 300 php subscription box I can say that it is really worth it, the box value is 1519php almost 5 times the subscription fee. Each of the product included in this box are all good and it is from  a well known Korean brand. Compared to the previous box (May box) this box is much better. Im just hoping that they will continue this kind of service. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick Review and Swatches

I decided to write another review today since I dont want to spend my day in perfectly doing nothing, I am so tired of doing nothing. I miss school, paperworks, homeworks, surprise quizzes, exam, laboratory works and every neurons killing activities that I used to do when Im still studying. I remembered when Im still in my undergrad days Im always dreaming of vacation, and always wishing and waiting for graduation day so I can free my mind and so that I will have a 12hrs of sleep. :D but now I experienced this life ( 12hrs of sleep ) Oh my God! I want to go back to school! I am so broke I miss my allowane! lol.

Before I forgot this blogpost is not about my personal life and how I miss school, so lets go back to the real deal. I received a Sampleroom package last week, I ordered a lot of their new products since I am a VIP member, one of the product I checked-out are the Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipsticks in Amore, Bella, and Crema. I got all the three shades since Ive already tried a lot of lipstick from this tupperware brand and I am really impressed with all there lipstick specially the Colour collection ultimate wear lipstick in Bellissima. :) So lets begin with review!

Colour collection lip perfection lipstick is a treatment lipstick infused with Argan Oil for ultimate lip perfection. Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit of the Argan Tree, which is only found in Morocco. The argan tree lives to be about 150 to 200 years old and does not start producing the fruit until it is 30 to 50 years old. Because the tree is found only in a limited area, the oil itself is quite rare.
  • Liquid Gold from Morocco – one of the most expensive oils in the world
  • Contains a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants:
Vitamin E (2x more than Olive Oil) – fights off damaging effects of free radicals
Vitamin F – essential fatty acids for skin elasticity
Squalene – powerful antioxidant that maintains skin’s moisture

Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick in Amore

3g, 399php

Amore has a red-orange tone. This shade of lipstick will suit every skin color and can be use on night outs. It has a satin finish ( of course because of Argan oil ) so no need for lipbalms it perfectly glides on the lips. Some are saying that this shade is too loud, actually not. It is just based on your application. According to a renowned make-up artist who'll not be name. Theres no such thing as a bad lipstick, it depends on how amount you put in, you're the one who will adjust with the lipstick and not the lipstick itself. And I agree with her.

Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick in Bella

3g, 399php
Bella is a pretty bright pink shade that will give you a very kikay look and great for everyday use. This shade reminds me of Nyx round lipstick in spellbound :)

Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick in Crema

3g, 399php
Crema is a peachy nude lipstick and is the lightest among the three shades. It will look flattering in heavy make up look.

and thats it. Here are the swatches:

And here's my picture wearing Bella and Crema. I havent use amore yet.


It is a good buy for 399php. All the colors are wearable and pigmented, plus it is a 2-in-1 lipstick already you do not need lipbalm or lip gloss. Im amazed with the moisturizing effect that last for more or less 3hrs although this is not long wearing maybe because it has a satin finish. As with the packaging, they always have that simple but elegant look. Ive noticed that the lipstick bullet is not properly aligned in the lipstick container ( OC problems ), as with the scent, nothing special just the usual scent of lipstick and it really doesn't matter btw. So I will give this a 4 out of 5 ratings. And thats it, what about you guys, what is your favorite shade? :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Unboxing BDJ elite box July 2014 : Heroine Make Exclusive box

Hi Guys! I know you've read a lot of unboxing post about BDJ elite box. But its better late than never. :)

I got this box  just this morning. If youre wondering why I just got this today the reason is it took me a very very long time to decide if I will subscribed on this box, Im not familiar with the heroine make cosmetics so I did some research first and I found out that they are a Japanese cosmetics. Plus there are 8 full sizes make-up on this box for only 1480 so Ive decided to subscribed. Im just so lucky because theres still a box left for me, as far as I know this is the last box. See how lucky I am 😍 By the way this is my very first blog post and this is my only box for July (Havent receive any boxes this July their all late 😭)  thats why I consider this post as a very special post.

Okay Im gonna start with the unboxing post! Enough with the long intros. Sorry guys Im a newbie here. ✌️

There are 6 (A-F) variety of this box so you have a lot of option to choose from. You can choose from Fierce, Sweet and Elite and there are two shades Light and medium so you can choose which box will perfectly suits your personality and skin-tone. I chose the box B which is the Sweet Heroine Medium box.

Here are the contents of Sweet Heroin Medium Box, sorted by favorites:

8g, 695 Php

Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear

Go foundation-free with this powder that covers uneven skin surfaces and pores in one easy step and creates even, matte skin. It leaves skin looking smooth with light-diffusing particles, and absorbs extra sebum to help your makeup last throughout the day.

 Im hoping that this is the right shade for me, its really hard to find a good powder that matches my skin color.

Eyelash fixer, 5ml, Php 345
Eyelash, Php 345

Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer

This eyelash fixer will surely adhere your false lashes from one end of the eyelid to the other. Its waterproof formula is resistant to perspiration and sebum. 

Im glad that this product is included in this box, Im having a hard time looking for a good eyelash fixer.

Heroine Make Impact Eyelash

Add instant drama to your eyes and enhance your overall look with these falsies. They help create wider, brighter eyes by making your eyeslashes longer and fuller.

Ive noticed that compared to other falsies this one looks more natural. 

0.7g, 345Php

Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow

This waterproof, resistant to sweat and water eyebrow pencil has a super fine 1.5mm diameter tip, which allows you to draw eyebrow hairs one by one to make beautiful arches from the inner to outer ends. It comes in a convenient twist pen so you don’t need to sharpen it constantly.

Im currently using an eyebrow powder. I will try this eyebrow pencil since it is waterproof I can use this on my next beach trip.

3ml, 595php

Heavy Rotation Jewel Eyeliner 
This eyeliner has a super thin brush so you can create precise lines around your eyes. It contains 3 kinds of shimmering powders to give a “jewel-like” glittering finish to your eyes. It is highly resistant to tears, sweat, and sebum, so you won’t have to worry about your eye makeup the whole day.

Not a fan of liquid eyeliner :) So Im giving this to my sister since she has a chinky eyes and a liquid eyeliner is a must have!

6g, 595php

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara
This waterproof mascara gives a dramatically gorgeous lengthening effect for glossy lashes, free from any clumps. It is formulated with fibers to really extend your lashes to their maximum length. It also contains Chamomile extract (moisturizing ingredient) and Camellia oil (emollient ingredient) that protects sensitive lashes from damage.

Just by reading the description of this mascara I know Ill be needing a heavy duty eye make up remover. I still have lot of unused mascara so I decided to keep this one for future use.

6g, 595php

Heroine Make Protect UV Mineral BB Cream
With SPF 50+ PA++, this mineral BB cream with excellent whitening, anti-UV and coverage effects that illuminates skin instantly, and creates even, smooth skin without visible pores. Its light texture allows you to quickly apply and blend it to your skin.

Im amazed that it has  a higher SPF so I do not need to apply sunblock prior to applying BB cream.

0.7g, 345php
Sun Killer Perfect Strong Plus
This sunblock features super UV-blocking abilities, with a special UV Cut powder that helps the sunblock last om your skin longer. Its waterproof and sweatproof, so you're free to do different activities without worries!

I'm okay with the BB cream since it has a SPF already, and using another product with SPF might be to harsh for the face.

And thats all the content of the Heroine elite box. It is really worth it for 1480php when you sum up, it will cost 4060 almost 3x the subscription fee. Plus they are all in their full sizes and it is a decent brand. Ive tried some of the product and I can say that most of them are designed for long wearing use. If you love Japanese brand make up or if you're an anime lover lol, you should consider this make up brand. I heard they will be available in the Philippines sooon!